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Dear visitors of the page of Deanship of Students’ Affairs.

The university stage represents the student’s bridge towards the future and a corridor for practical life. Hence, the vision of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs emanating from the vision of the University of Bahrain was created, in which the student is the main axis, and all its potentials and energies were employed to help the student build his personality and prepare him to take over his future responsibilities in building the nation and society by providing extra-curricular opportunities that enable them to combine educational attainment in the classroom with student work, which contributes to developing and refining practical and social skills, enhancing the student’s sense of giving and volunteering, also preparing them to face the challenges outside the University.

My beloved students..
Our ambitions in you are great, and our hopes are in you, and our bet on you is that you give to your country and society the best that you can carry with you from the university stage of knowledge, expertise and experiences that contribute to building our dear kingdom.
The doors of the Deanship of Student Affairs in its various departments and divisions are open to you, and all its capabilities are available to everyone to benefit from the services and facilities it provides to university students, and the support, assistance and advice through the work team of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs and its employees who will spare no effort to serve you and facilitate your mission for which you have joined the study. Participation in various programs, activities and events is open to you throughout the academic year. We hope that your life will be full of excellence and achievements at the academic and scientific levels.


The Deanship of Students’ Affairs strives to provide a variety of students’ services that are concerned with their academic attainment, and their cultural, artistic, and physical preparation.


1. Developing students’ personalities through extracurricular activities, and providing an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.
2. Improving the quality of the general services and developing various counseling services to support the academic needs of the students
3. Developing the necessary infrastructure to achieve the deanship’s aims to facilitate the services, programs, and activities that it provides
4. Enhance the national unity spirit.


To advance students’ participation to the highest levels globally.


Provide the suitable environment to create a better university life for students, which will be achieved through performing an integrated role that enhances the learning and teaching processes in the university, providing the means to enable the advancement of student’s efforts and participation on all levels, providing a variety of high-quality programs and services, and encouraging students to be innovative, creative, and add value.


Exemptions & Part-Time Employment Division

Student’s Council Division

Student’s Activities Department

Guidance and Counseling Department

Student Services and Development Department


Dean’s office
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Students’ Council Division
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Students’ Activities Department
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Guidance and Counseling Department
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Students’ Services and Development Department
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