Dr. Jassim: Two Specialized Minors for the Chemical Engineering Program at UoB 

Dr. Jassim: Two Specialized Minors for the Chemical Engineering Program at UoB 

The head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Bahrain (UoB), Dr. Majeed Safar Jassim, stated that the Department is currently putting the final touches on the two minors of the new Bachelors in Chemical Engineering program, which are: the minor in process systems, and the minor in oil and gas, noting that the development of the two minors came in response to the needs of the Kingdom and the labor market. 

Dr. Jassim announced the Chemical Engineering Department’s success in obtaining quality certificates, as the bachelor’s programs in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor’s in Instrumentation and Control Engineering have been placed at level 8 in the National Qualifications Framework by the Education and Training Quality Authority, explaining that the Department seeks to develop all its programs in both the undergraduate and postgraduate studies stages. 

Also, he noted that the development process is proceeding according to well-studied plans, despite the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic, but the University Administration was clear and distinguished in the leadership of higher education after investing in modern technology several years ago, in cooperation with global e-learning companies. 

Dr. Jassim indicated that what also helped with progress were the values ​​and principles of UoB represented in student-centered learning, reliance on modern technology, and finally the spirit of initiative, stressing that parents were certain of this, as they were assured of achieving these values ​​from their homes. 

The head of the Chemical Engineering Department praised the efforts of the faculty members who took the initiative to participate in the specialized e-learning courses and worked to adapt effectively to developments, by preparing videos for lab experiments, to help students learn and increase communication with them in these exceptional circumstances. 

Also, he stressed that the activities and events did not stop either, as the Department’s Social Committee, headed by Dr. Raed Al-Jowder, continued its activities, and was able to organize many important lectures that contributed to strengthening the relationship with the industrial sector in the Kingdom and academic institutions in the Arab Gulf region, explaining that the Department is working on establishing student branches from international associations in the field of petroleum and automation, which would create useful scientific activities. 

Additionally, Dr. Majid Jassim said that scientific research also grew during the pandemic in terms of number and quality, as members of the academic staff published many important scientific articles on the fields of environment, climate, artificial intelligence, the catalyst in chemical reactions, and other topics. 

Stating that one of the indicators of research success is that three members of the academic staff in the Department recently submitted their files for scientific promotion, stressing that the Department encourages research work, especially joint projects with other departments to accomplish multilateral research in terms of skills and specializations. 

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