Listing the Papers of the Smart Cities Forum Held at UOB in the Database of the “International Institution of Engineering and Technology”

Listing the Papers of the Smart Cities Forum Held at UOB in the Database of the “International Institution of Engineering and Technology”  


The International Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) database has listed the papers of the Third Edition of Smart Cities Forum, which was organized by the University of Bahrain last September. Experts in the fields of smart cities participated in this forum.   

 The global institution, based in London, has previously listed the papers of the first and second forums on smart cities in the same database.  

 Dean of the College of Engineering at UOB, Dr. Fouad Mohammed Al-Ansari, stated “This third consecutive listing demonstrates the quality and novelty of the published research, and the significant contribution thereof in the fields of smart cities.”   

 Dr. Al-Ansari added, “221 research papers have satisfied the scientific requirements and publishing standards in accordance with the international criteria, so they have been listed in the institution’s database. We are proud that the content of the forum conforms to the highest scientific criteria.”   

 The forum received 409 scientific papers, of which the Scientific Committee approved 226 which were reviewed during the forum, which extended from 21 to 23 September 2020.  

 The papers addressed topics related to smart cities, such as protection systems and their challenges in smart cities, health sector and its restructuring according to smart systems, transportation, educational networks, sustainability, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and its applications in smart cities.  

  Dr. Al-Ansari emphasized that this listing reflects the pivotal academic role of UOB in organizing such scientific meetings and forums of international dimensions, noting that it is another important step in the international ranking of universities in general. 

 For his part, the faculty member at the College of Engineering and the member of the organizing committee, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Matar, stated that the number of published researches belonging to professors of the UOB is not less than 40, stressing that this step reflects the role played by university professors, and their scientific contributions in the field of research and in-depth studies on essential topics such as smart cities. 

Dr. Matar, the head of IET branch in Bahrain stated that that IET is happy with the scientific cooperation experience with UOB to research and discuss smart city technology, which is one of the most important scientific topics.    

 He further stated, “The forum is scheduled to be held annually in cooperation between the two sides, and it is a discussion forum for researchers from Bahrain, the region, the Middle East and the world to study and present the grounds of future cities and smart cities and their requirements, in their various form and tools.”  

 The countries of MENA ranked first among the countries participating with research in the forum amounting to 66%, followed by the countries of Asia and the Pacific amounting to 26%, European countries, Canada, and finally the United States of America.   

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