Workshops and Training


The E-Learning Center offers a set of educational and training workshops for the University’s professors on how to use the blackboard system, as the Center periodically offers these workshops to keep up with the latest updates and developments in the system and to ensure professors’ and students’ greatest benefit. In addition to these training workshops, the E-Learning Center constantly produces educational videos that are necessary to explain the basics of using the Blackboard system to students and professors, as well as explaining the latest features that enter the system with its continuous updates. Also, the Center provides the necessary explanatory tools to provide a greater understanding of the system and solve any problems related to its use, and these methods include FAQ and written explanations, so that such information will always be at the reach of students and professors. Due to the circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center recently provided training workshops for remote professors on Blackboard and Blackboard Ultra system, which was specially installed to keep pace with the high demand for using the distance learning system during the pandemic.

Digital Transformation

Courses digital transformation is an important part of the Center’s work, as the Center has begun implementing its plan to digitize University courses so that students can directly benefit from the course’s digital content that has been transformed to this format without any direct intervention from the course professor, whose role is to follow up the educational process and its management, receive and answer students’ inquiries and questions, and evaluate students through questions, assignments, and tests done by students remotely. This represents a major change in the form of the traditional educational process, students’ dependence on modern technologies in receiving information, and the teacher’s transmission to other, larger, and more important roles than to just deliver information in its traditional direct form.
During the past period, the Center has succeeded in converting a set of basic courses and common university requirements in which a large number of the University students register in each academic semester in a digital format by photographing the lectures of those courses with the latest technical means that are available at the Center, and providing those lectures to students through the distance learning system, while course professors can follow up on students on an ongoing basis and communicate with them through the same system.
Transformation of those basic courses is scheduled to begin for their great value in saving a lot of resources, efforts, and time, which is what distinguishes the adoption of e-learning as essential infrastructure for the educational process.

Technical Support

The E-Learning Center provides technical support services to remote professors in everything related to the use of the Blackboard system and other types of technical support related to distance learning through various means, especially Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Ultra, as many professors have benefited from the technical support services that the Center offers, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.