News 25 05 2021 1The Confucius Institute at the University of Bahrain held a webinar session within the Confucius Cloud Forum in cooperation with Shanghai University.

Prof. Dr. Riyad Hamza, president of the University of Bahrain (UOB), attended the webinar session on Monday 24th of May 2021. Presenters at the webinar shared the experiences with e-learning, online examinations, and an assessment that encourages the optimal use of modern technology in education.

Lecturers from the School of Business at Shanghai University presented topics related to the effective delivery of online courses in blended learning environment and experiments on feed-forward communication in online examinations.

The presenters also shared their best practices in the experience of the flipped classroom educational model. This model is designed to increase student participation in lectures through solving problems and introducing class discussions.

The attendees were acquainted with the experience of Shanghai University in providing lectures remotely, especially after the digital transformation due to the pandemic. Moreover, the attendees were introduced to the methods of feed-forward communication in online examinations and the level of support offered to students.

The three key speakers from the SILC business school comprised lecturer Nigel Wu who spoke about “Effective Delivery of Online Courses in a Blended Method”, Lecturer Leonie Liu on “Forward Control for Online Examination” and lecturer Bonnie Wang on “English Courses Online Examination Experience Sharing”.

At the end of the session, H.E. UOB President thanked the organizers and praised the shared experiences of best practices in e-learning and online examination and assessments. He also encouraged the exchange of expertise between faculties of both Universities.