The College of Engineering Continues Manufacturing a Crane for CERN

Dr. Al-Ansari: “Using Bahraini Aluminum to Promote Local Industries” 

 The College of Engineering Continues Manufacturing a Crane for CERN 

The Dean of the College of Engineering of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Fuad Mohammed Al-Ansari, stated that the college is engaged in manufacturing an advanced auto crane in a project in collaboration with “Search” Center of Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research, for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).  

 It is proposed that the crane will be used to maintain the largest device in the world used by CERN in Switzerland and extending across the borders of France and Switzerland. 

 Dr. Al-Ansari further explained that UOB has expanded its research cooperation with “CERN” which would help the Kingdom of Bahrain become a member state in the projects of CERN and provide more opportunities to dispatch Bahraini students to do research in Geneva through CERN scholarships and promote Bahraini cadres and industries.  

 Regarding the crane project, the Dean stated that the project, which is being followed up by the office of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister, was designed based on the CERN’s needs for a new crane with certain specifications as a substitute for another crane currently in use.  

 The Dean pointed out that the research team of the College of Engineering submitted several proposals that were later elaborated by CERN, leading to an offer from UOB which was approved by the relevant committees of CERN.  

 Dr. Al-Ansari pointed out that the college preferred that the crane would be manufactured in Bahrain using Bahraini aluminum to promote the national industry. The crane will be provided with the required sensors and devices and will then be disassembled and shipped to Switzerland where it will be reassembled. He pointed out that the research team led by faculty member Dr. Zuhair Khalifa Bahri is currently waiting for the arrival of some precise devices to finish the manufacture of the crane, and then the final trials will be conducted thereon. 

 The Dean lauded the efforts of the student at the College of Engineering, Abdul Salam Saad, who was dispatched to work with CERN in following up the scientific project in accordance with the methodology used in the organization. Dr. Al-Ansari further pointed out that the student who has satisfied the scholarship requirements is preparing for a new research experience in CERN. 

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