UoB Facilitates Its Students’ Access to Educational Content 

UoB Facilitates Its Students’ Access to Educational Content 


The University of Bahrain (UoB) announced the addition of the (ALLY) feature to its educational platform “Blackboard”, as a step to enable various students to access content in several ways, easily and without any difficulties. 

The Director of the E-Learning Center at UoB, Dr. Fai Abdullah Al Khalifa, explained that this feature targeted students with special needs at the beginning of its introduction, by automatically converting the material that professors upload on the platform from written to audible or to be written in Braille. 

Dr. Fai Al Khalifa stated that “Currently, this feature targets all students, as it is based on making the material available in several ways, such as the audible material for those who want to listen, and the option of colors is now available to help the student focus while watching it, and to make it easier for those who suffer from color blindness. Also, it can be converted into Braille”. 

The Director of the E-Learning Center indicated that this feature will be optional for faculty members, but the electronic monitoring process will reveal the departments and faculty members who will raise the percentage of electronic access, to encourage advancement in using such characteristics and investing these capabilities. 

The E-Learning Center had organized two sessions for faculty members in the two semesters: last and current, to demonstrate the advantages of the accessibility feature, and it is also preparing to organize a lecture for students on the feature next Wednesday (10 February 2021). 

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